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The Wilson story began more than 35 years ago, when father-and-son team John and Matt Wilson first founded Wilson Manufacturing to custom-build punching equipment.

Initially, our family-owned company served only the St. Louis region with a limited number of products. However, since that time Wilson has evolved into a full-service supplier for the flexographic industry, custom-manufacturing everything from solid and flexible dies to specialty products like plunger and vacuum dies, magnetic and print cylinders, anvil rolls and much more. We’ve also grown to service international customers as well.

In 1997, Wilson moved into a larger new facility, tripling the company’s production capacity and allowing it to serve customers even more efficiently.

After introducing the industry’s first machine-sharpened rotary die in 1999, more than doubling output compared to traditional dies and signaling a whole new era for rotary die tooling. Today, two decades later, Wilson holds numerous patents as proof of our pioneering ingenuity, including our proprietary premium, fully hardened machine-sharpened dies.

Given our continuous R&D and commitment to innovation, we’re focused on the industry’s future while supporting your success with the highest caliber of quality and service available today!

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