Proven Performance & Precision, Time after Time.

Die-cutting…slitting…perforating…scoring…creasing…stamping…and more. Whatever the converting work to be done, Wilson can custom-manufacture the precision tooling needed exactly to your job requirements. And we’ll work hard to make sure you receive the most accurate, durable and best quality parts available*. So you’ll have less downtime and retooling, and enjoy greater efficiency overall during production runs.

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Flexible Cutting Dies

Wilson’s flexible cutting dies combine the benefits of performance plus cost savings—all in one product! For most converting operations, flexible dies have evolved into an integral component thanks to lower costs without the need to compromise on quality. Our dies start from hardened spring steel, and utilize computer-to-plate technology, chemical etching and machine sharpening.

Ideal for nearly all materials and applications, our flexible dies can be made to cut pressure-sensitive, metal-to-metal, two-level, crease, perf or slit-over-perf applications. Wilson also offers standard or extended-life dies, which provide greater durability when converting substrates such as thermal transfer or Compucal.

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Flexible Cutting Dies