Proven Performance & Precision, Time after Time.

Die-cutting…slitting…perforating…scoring…creasing…stamping…and more. Whatever the converting work to be done, Wilson can custom-manufacture the precision tooling needed exactly to your job requirements. And we’ll work hard to make sure you receive the most accurate, durable and best quality parts available*. So you’ll have less downtime and retooling, and enjoy greater efficiency overall during production runs.

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Wilson removable blade tools provide true versatility for all your sheeting and perforating needs. We manufacture all our tools on CNC equipment for guaranteed center-to-center and squared accuracy. These tools can be made with multiple slots for producing a variety of repeats within one unit. Standard slot depths are .250", .918", and .937" and all slots will accept sheeter or perforating blades. Standard perf blades are 8, 10, 12, and 50 teeth per inch. Non-standard perf blades are available on a per-order basis.

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Removable Blade Sheeters & Perforators