Leading The Way
With Legendary Service.

A lot of suppliers make promises about service. But at Wilson, it’s truly the driving force behind everything we do—and every product solution we deliver. That’s also why we put so much effort behind complete customer satisfaction and fast, highly personalized service.

  • For superior customer service, Wilson has the same strength and capabilities of a large Fortune 500 company, combined with the agility and responsiveness of a smaller family business.

  • To help keep your production schedule on track, our 24-hour production facility gives you prompt service on every order.

  • Wilson provides surprisingly quick turnaround times on product delivery—typically with a three-day lead-time on most orders.

  • With over 30 years of industry experience and ingenuity, our expert team understands your business and is ready with dependable technical advice for problem-solving.

Best of all, Wilson’s on call for your rotary tooling needs 24/7*. While online, you can easily place orders, transfer drawings, make payments, and track your order’s status at any time.

The bottom line? Unbeatable customer service backed by fast turnaround on virtually every order…just one more area where Wilson’s leading the way!

* For a demonstration of our exclusive 24/7 online services, click here to log on to our interactive website.